Thursday, August 6, 2009

Hey-Bama, Stop Looking!! I'm Right HERE !!!

So I would like to say that I am as shocked as I am outraged. I'd like to say I'm shocked, but I read my history including the books on our President's true history and I saw this one coming since November.

This latest intimidation tactic by the Obamakins to try and shout down the general public who oppose this Health Care Abolition bill is right out of the trick bag of some of the most accomplished totalitarian fascist. That dirty trick bag has Rahm Emmanuel's fingerprints all over it but so far he's only sprinkled his evil fairy dust on a very select few who dare oppose Obama's Ruin America agenda. But today we all join the ranks of hedge fund execs, Conservative GM car dealership owners and young war veterans ripe for conservative radicalization (oxymoron alert - had to be a liberal coming up with that notion). Now the threat of oppression is truly democratic. Every American citizen with volition over their own thoughts and the courage to give voice to those thoughts, in other words Every American has the opportunity to land on the official White House "snitch list".

So for about fifteen minutes this morning I contemplated putting a cot in the attic and picking up a copy of The Diary of Anne Frank at a garage sale (because after all, buying it at bookstore or checking it out at the library runs the risk of landing on some other list of names they are probably collecting). Instead I took another direction and decided to spit in the face of the vermin who dare try and scare Americans from exercising their rights. Don't bother wasting your time by ratting me out. I already "informed" on myself to save you all the trouble. I am really taking one for the team in that respect because anyone weaselly enough to inform on someone to Obama and his minions has already lost a very precious and valuable thing, namely their claim to Constitutional rights. At the point where you find yourself reporting fellow citizens for exercising their Constitutional freedoms you have abandoned all hope of enjoying those freedoms yourself.

And what will you get for selling out your 1st Amendment rights this way? A big fat nothing. I didn't even get a coupon for a free month of Netflix rentals when I ratted out myself. I was hoping to use that first month to rent that Al Gore Mystery Science Theater award winner to laugh myself to sleep then send it back and wait for the Bill Maher intellectual masterpiece in hopes of hitting the liberal depression trifecta by losing my country, my sanity and my faith in God all in one week.

I am thinking of a certian in-law who really shall remain nameless in the midst of the White House urging everyone to name names; he's one of those Obamatons and it wouldn't surprise me in the least that he is turning this into a cottage industry of sorts. He's probably using all the industriousness he hasn't squandered on any of life's other pursuits and poured that energy into ferreting out all instances of "fishiness" (about? you mean) opposed to health care and reporting them promptly. Maybe he's got it figured out though. Perhaps the most earnest and diligent participants in this new program of government volunteerism will get their names on another list, the one in which they are the select 2 or 3 % of Americans who actually get access to Health Care under the new Obama rationing plan. Start stocking up on your cyber-chits now because it will take a hefty bag full of those little critters to get some preventative medicine in a country where many of the doctors, daring to act fishy about their whole new arrangement (eg. not performing abortions or assisting suicides) means even fewer practicing doctors on this side of the concentration camp fences.

And before you think this is a bit much stop and ask yourself the question

"What do they intend to do with the list?"

Wait until some of those "named" individuals start getting visits from an IRS auditor. Who knows what other forms of invasive government proctology will be performed on this fishy contingent of our citizenry. This is how it all starts . . .

So if it looks like fascism, if it sounds like a fascism, if it has that "fishy" smell of fascism then it's probably fascist minions of the Obamerikorp. You and I better report that to the true powers that be.

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offensive fishiness indeed