Monday, August 17, 2009

A Death Panel By Any Other Name . . .

Perhaps you are not familiar with the name Saul Alinsky. I will tell you who is very familiar with that name -- Barrack Obama. Part of the Saul Alinsky method is obfuscation or confusing people about the facts through a "creative" use of language. Essentially if you can find a way of getting enough people to say "gray" when looking at something that is actually white you can control how people "see" and think. I say fight Alinsky-ites with Alinsky-ism. When calling this health care "reform" Read "reform" as "rationing" because that's what it really is.

So these Alinsky tactics are why they color me a "birther" or a "deather" or "astroturf" or perhaps just an "Axlerod anti-spammer" when in reality we are all just U.S. citizens excercising our 1st Amendment rights. The imprortant things to note at this point is the opposition to Obama's health care rationing is getting traction. Perhaps it's the astroturf so be careful, you may tear your ACLu if you try to pivot as quickly as Pelosi and Reid.

Let's not lose the war because we are celebrating battles won at town halls in August. Now is the time to Double Down. If you haven't already sent your Congressman and Senators a letter, sit down and write one now. If you have already sent them a letter or email or called them, send another now, perhaps thanking them if you are fortunate like I am to have two Senators and a Congressman who are all opposed to this legislation. Perhaps that's not the case but remind them that you haven't forgotten about this bill just because Obama and the media are moving on to their next agenda item.

There is still a threat that H.R. 3200 or some form of it will take away your freedom to choose and access to health care. This won't really be defeated until conservatives control the debate in Congress (2010?) or until Obama leaves office.

Perhaps some of you are senior enough or at least approaching your own Medicare years. If so you may remember a little sci-fi flick starring Michael York, Farrah Fawcett (r.i.p.) and Peter Ustinov as the "Old Man". Now when you think of Obama Care in any form - public a.k.a. government options, Freddie Med co-ops, Doctor Post Office or any other compromised version of the bill - you may also want to start glancing at your hand and hope that the newly installed jewel in your palm doesn't start glowing red.

Before you think the important part of the fight is over realize that the "public option" was a minor organ like a spleen or appendix and not the true guts of this bill. The other aspects of this thousand page, multi-trillion dollar monstrosity still has the teeth to take away your freedom.

Take, for instance, QALY or Qualitative Adjusted Life Years may sound innocuous enough, just like the other Alinsky-esque word play being practiced by Obama and the extremists in Congress but Federally mandated health care "reform" will result in some form of rationing. QALY is one of the mechanisms used by bureaucratic "death panels". QALY or whatever it will end up being called is how government run health care denies you treatment. It's the reason cataracts sufferers in the U.K. have had to go blind in their second eye before receiving treatment or why a woman in Oregon was not allowed to fight her second round of cancer because the pain pill was far less expensive than the proven cancer drug. Obama's "reform" will allow bureaucrats to make decisions based on cost benefit analysis. The older you get the less likely the government will want to "invest" in an expensive procedure to keep you alive for those ever shrinking productive (a.k.a. taxpaying) years in your life. When you stop coming out far enough on the positive integer side of that QALY mathematical formula get ready because it's time to "renew" or run.

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Anonymous said...

Straight out of Saul Alinsky, "Never change the objective, obfuscate the language".