Monday, October 19, 2009

Candidate in Chief

The concerted assault on Fox News, Rush Limbaugh, The Chamber of Commerce, Bank Executives and the Capitalist Profits they earn, Big Business, Small Business, Insurance Companies AANNDD, oh yeah, Americans in a broad and general sense . . . it all tells me one thing:
Obama, Emanuel, Axelrod, Jarrett, Dunn and the rest of the Czars and Cabinet Members in the administration don't know what they are doing.

Like revolutionaries who successfully fought their guerrilla war, only to win, come out of the jungle and into the capital city and then not know how to run a country with that same ease and skill it took to unseat those in power, the Obama administration descended upon our capital and quickly set up shop, changing everything in a reactionary antiestablishment manner. The end result in both cases may be the same, a banana republic and cause for another revolution to oust the revolutionaries who are ill equipped to govern.

Ballerinas and poets?
I think not.
Tap dancers and second string fiddle players
Trying to choreograph the show and play the orchestra music for the big opera . . .

. . . and failing.

The show or at least the campaign must go on despite the sheer lack of talent.

As Americans our show must go on as well.

If you are feeling distracted by balloon boy, or as one person puts it, Michael Jackson ordering take-out to Heaven; if you feel tired of the incessant media coverage of stories that have nothing to do with the unresolved issues and total lack of progress in the area of job creation and the economy then call or write your Senators and Congressman.
- Tell them that you are focused and they need to be as well.
- Tell them that you don't want health care reform before they fix the economy and stop the runaway spending (which polls before the election put Health Care something like twelve on a list of the top 10 priorities on the minds of Americans)
- Tell them to have this government get out of your way because private citizens have always managed to fix problems and make this country great. Over the last century the government rarely has the same track record.

Then write the RNC and tell them to stop backing RINO candidates like Crist and Scozzafava instead of true conservatives like Rubio and Hoffman.

Then find somebody who voted in a recent Maine election and ask them what they were thinking. Report back to me on this last suggestion. I'd really like to know, particularly about Snowe.