Monday, January 17, 2011

Open Letter to SOTH John Boehner and

. . . the new Republican controlled Congress.

Dear Mr. Speaker:

I am really concerned about the rhetoric coming out of Washington this week, particularly the rhetoric about civility. I truly hope that no one considers changing their tone. Let ME be clear why.

  1. Jared Loughner is a nut-bowl in the extreme. 70 year old manifestos by fascists and communists, the Constitution and a Democrat Congresswoman who couldn't make sense of his psychotic babble might have been the recipe for this fruit cake to explode. If the pantry had been lacking in those ingredients I am sure he would have found something to use as a substitute. Let's be clear that political rhetoric in the mass media wasn't even in the spice rack when Loughner baked up his own pan of crazy.
  2. You were all elected because of failed, anti-business, anti-American policies and a political process that has been subverted and polluted by the leftists in the Democrat party. You were elected to attack, disrupt and dismantle their agenda. Concerns about rhetoric from either side is so low on the list that it doesn't even make the top 10 reasons voters turned 2010 into an historic landslide in your favor.
  3. Joe Wilson was disciplined when he acted disrespectfully in the SOTU after yelling, "You Lie". Joe Wilson received overwhelming support of constituents and out-of-state donors. Joe Wilson was reelected in 2010.
  4. Alan dis-Grayson said some of the most caustic, vitriolic and nonsensical things ever uttered in the Capitol building. There were times during his verbal barrages at Republicans he sounded like a member of the Jared Loughner fan club. He was never disciplined by the Pelosi Congress. He was also NOT reelected.
  5. The American people don't want self-censuring politicians who adhere to some phony call for civility by a President whose own language has been thuggish, openly disrespectful and filled with rather violent imagery.
  6. There has been a drought in Washington. The American people are thirsting to hear good ideas regardless of the rhetoric used by either side.
  7. Most of all we want leadership in the mounting fiscal crisis. Some leaders like Patton use harsh language. Regardless of language though, the best leaders are doers who get the job done.
Republicans have the right ideas right now and are in the leadership position. Do not allow the radical Obama and his liberal Democrats to cow you with such a transparent tactic . . . and do not rename the "Job Killing Health Care Repeal" legislation. That moniker fits the bill.

Because Obamacare is not merely "bruising" job creation. It is not "harming" the middle class. It is not "rubbing up against" the American dream. It is KILLING all of the above.

Respectfully until required to behave otherwise,
this voter.