Friday, December 16, 2011

Primary Candidate - Debate Word Association

  • Gingrich - Ready
  • Romney - Waiting
  • Perry - Late
  • Huntsman - Frivolous
  • Paul - Cracked
  • Bachmann - Romney Veep
  • Santorum - Gingrich Veep

Day of Wreckoning

Ron Paul is unelectable.

I first came across Ron Paul when he ran in 2007. I saw a side-by-side comparison of the Republican primary candidates on all the main issues and for me, a veteran, it all fell apart on his foreign policy.

Since then I've seen him in these debates.

I've heard it said that Newt Gingrich never had an idea he didn't verbalize.

Ron Paul has never had a rambling, off topic, bring it back to the Fed and American Isolationism (anti-war), stream of consciousness monologue he didn't verbalize during the debate.

He's a verbal, ideological and intellectual train wreck and his anti-establishment, Libertarian groupies, the Ronulans need to stay home on primary day so we can get down to the serious business of picking a nominee to beat Obama.