Sunday, September 12, 2010

Know the Score

As we enter the Fourth Quarter of the football game known as Mid-Term Elections it's important to know the score.

Here's a 1st Half Recap in the game of DEMOCRAT PUNDITS vs. AMERICAN VOTERS.

1. This is only an anti-incumbent year in as much as Democrats are the majority of the incumbents currently holding seats that are up for reelection. Republicans who have lost their primaries were the types of Republicans that supported $timulus in 2009, can't find anything bad to say about Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid or Barrack Obama's policies and only started talking about "fiscal conservatism" once the Tea Party made it's agenda clear and started throwing major financial and general campaign support behind true conservatives. Essentially the Republican incumbents who have already lost their bid for reelection in the Primaries were CUT from the Roster in the Pre-Season training camp.

The DEMOCRAT PUNDITS are attempting a Field Goal from beyond the 50 Yard Line with this lame "anti-incumbency" rhetoric and the ball falls about 30 yard short with this argument.

2. Republicans majorities in the House and Senate have been obstructing legislation that would aide in an economic recovery. Electing them to a majority in either or both House and Senate will mean more obstruction and even a return to Bush era policies. This PLAY was Phoned in from the Booth and added to the Play Book by the Offensive Coordinator, Barrack Obama.

Republicans did not have the ability to stop a single piece of legislation until Scott Brown was elected to Ted Kennedy's old seat in February of 2010 and short of a filibuster really have a better chance of stopping Tropical Hurricanes this season.

This is a BUSTED RUNNING PLAY for the DEMOCRAT PUNDITS. The D-backs for the AMERICAN VOTERS read this play as soon as they took the line of scrimmage. Net result = Loss of Yards and a Loss of a Down.

3. Conservatives, Republicans and the AMERICAN VOTERS are all racists. Obama is a racist too, witnessed by his knee-jerk FACE-MASK in the case of Professor Gates and numerous other infractions before and after the whistle was blown.


4. Although immigration advances the ball up the field, ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION is against the rules of the game. It has been a rule since this was a Pro-League sport.


5. Going back to the BUSTED RUNNING PLAY they call Y-STICK, REPUBLICAN OBSTRUCTION HEAD-FAKE LEFTIST, when that play really failed to help them convert on 4th Down because the DEMOCRATS fumbled the ball then look at the ON-SIDE kick that was used to get the ball back and Pass Health Care Rationing into Law.

There is a MONDAY MORNING CHALLENGE coming on that play. Expect some fines and suspensions from the Leagues Front Office if the AMERICAN VOTERS don't see a repeal by then.

6. In their game against the REPUBLICANS the DEMOCRAT PUNDITS claimed that the REPUBLICANS could only play Defense a.k.a. they are the "Party of No."

YOU HAVE TO HAVE THE BALL to PLAY OFFENSE. Democrats control both houses and the White House. They have been setting the legislative agenda for years. BUT GET READY FOR THE SECOND HALF of this game.

7. The PUNDITS say Tea Party candidates (Rubio, Angle, O'Donnell, Miller) playing for the AMERICAN VOTERS can't win (just like the Houston Texans couldn't beat the Colts in their season opener).


And although there has been plenty of ARM CHAIR (and wheelchair) PREGAME ANALYSIS and there will be even more November 3rd, WEDNESDAY MORNING QUARTERBACKING the experts are wrong often enough and only the AMERICAN VOTERS know how they will play on GAME DAY (November 2nd).


Friday, September 10, 2010

Silence the Scoundrel of Searchlight

It's time to retire Harry Reid . . . Sharron Angle is in a tight race and even with $3.5M in campaign contributions only has 1/3rd of Harry Reid's money.

And he will spend as much of it as he feels is necessary to keep his career in politics going for another 6 years.
to Unseat the Democrat Senate Majority Leader.

And let's beat Russ Feingold at his own game. He pushed through campaign finance reform to protect his incumbency.
Let's help Ron Johnson unseat Feingold from the Senate with our grass roots support: to Send a Career Politician to the Unemployment Line

And finally, Marco Rubio is one of the brightest new lights of the conservative movement. Although the polls have him out in front, this is a 3 way race against a big government Democrat who will rubber stamp more of the Obama agenda (Meek), a lifelong professional politician clinging to his life in politics with a desperate party change (Crist) and Rubio. Three way races our tricky and I believe we need to ensure he is elected.
to Put the National Spotlight on the Future of America