Sunday, November 27, 2016

Eight Long Years

Eight Long Years ago I was finishing the final chapter of Doctor Jerome Corsi's book on election night. I had stopped watching the news coverage earlier in the evening. It didn't look good for Senator McCain. Of course, he didn't look good at any point during the campaign; a shadow-boxer unwilling to throw a punch. Earlier that year a younger, healthier Hillary Clinton started her primary campaign; one of entitlement and arrogance, only to be taken out of contention by a younger, upstart Senator that nobody had heard about before that year. So I was one of very few who decided to take a closer look and that's why I had read more than enough before I was halfway through Dr. Corsi's thorough investigation "The Obama Nation". I can't remember the hour. It was getting late though. The house was asleep, a baby Cooper in his crib. Lauren in her room and Amy fast asleep, preparing for another school day. I heard fireworks go off a couple of streets over. I knew in that moment that Obama had won.

Much of this Blog was observations and criticism aimed at the Obama administration's first term in office. We saw Republicans mount stalwart defenses, blocking many of BHO's unConstitutional power grabs, seeing the genesis of a movement dubbed the Tea Party, seeing Scott Brown elected to the "Kennedy Senate seat". Victories in the mid-terms for Republicans or perhaps more accurately, Obama-Care supporting Democrats paying the price with their constituencies. Victory in 2012 just required a candidate to capitalize on the case that had been made to so many of the uninformed and unwitting voters who supported Barry in the first election. Now Barrack Hussein was exposed as the socialist few understood him to be in 2008.

But the Republicans were too cute by half and nominated the loser (Mitt Romney) to the previous loser (John McCain).

When I woke up the morning of November 7th in 2012 I saw the look on Amy's face and much like the fireworks I heard in the previous election, it told me all I needed to know. I must admit that I was disbelieving. How could the Republican candidate lose when a clear case and a manageable path had already been made by the Tea Party conservatives?

Well here we are in 2016. That feeling all the Hillary supporters are experiencing, I can identify with it. But their candidate, much like Romney, never made a compelling case to the voters. And she was mired in scandals, this time of her own making rather than a matter of Bill's "indiscretions" and poor judgement.

But that wasn't going to be enough by itself. A bombastic neophyte candidate; a "reality show" performer, a producer of beauty pageants, a bankruptcy prone casino owner -- never mind the Billions in real estate wealth he'd amassed - he had to become the champion for the people. He tapped into the anger, the utter outrage of the "Forgotten Man". He was so effective and became a conduit for this rising tide of anti-establishment, revolutionary fervor that his own amateur missteps couldn't even dampen his momentum.

Eight years have passed. For some this is many "Lost Summers". Those who have remained marginally to unemployed during much of the administration. those who could never revive their credit rating, those who saw a mass exodus of jobs overseas and to immigrant (legal and illegal) labor. Nearly a decade is gone and for many so is the American dream. We've done well. I am not complaining or contemplating a better decade that might have been for my family. But our country has suffered unquestionably during the Liberal Left's long siege against our liberty and prosperity.

I went to bed before the results from the first states were even called this year. Amy and I early voted and then instituted a self-imposed media blackout for the last week of the election.  I woke up around 3:30 a.m. Having gone to bed so early it didn't really strike me as odd. Maybe I had felt a "disturbance in the Force". Maybe I heard "millions of voices crying out" but in this case they were NOT being silenced. I hesitated before checking the news feed on my tablet. I had been disappointed too often and was prepared for the worst. A Hillary presidency would cement the destructive measures her predecessor had made against America. As long as I didn't check the news anything was still a possibility. I thought about the day ahead. I had taken a vacation day just so I could avoid the gloating of those liberal Austinians at work. And after trying to delay the inevitability of a post-election day result I finally sat up, opened up my tablet and looked.

There were individual news alerts about victories in various states. Some states that were surely a surprise like Wisconsin. Others that were an absolute necessity like Florida and Iowa. And then, . . . what was this? Pennsylvania?!

Trump had won. Which more importantly meant, Trump had defeated Hillary and the Leftists.

And in retrospect it was better getting to watch the election results this way instead

This time I was awake before Amy. I tried to be quiet while I made these signs that would greet her as she came to the kitchen. A sheaf of paper fell so she watched me make the signs. I was not so much being coy as I was genuinely speechless. So I let the signs do the talking. This time she was in disbelief but joyfully so.

We hung the signs anyway so our soon-to-be 14 year old daughter could see the results of the penultimate Presidential election before she, herself could vote. After-all, these elections were about our children anyway. Their's were the "Summers" that have been "Lost".

Within the week Dick Morris would characterize this not as a "change election" nor a "referendum or mandate" but as a "peaceful revolution"

What were the words I could not utter to my wife but could only print on signs?