Saturday, March 7, 2009

All Part Of The Plan

So other than the most popular conservative of the moment, yes, Rush Limbaugh, I don't think any of the rest have figured out what is becoming all too obvious to me. Perhaps it's because the rest are too distracted with the buzz of punditry in their ears to observe and make a logical deduction.

Failure is the desired goal.

I came to this conclusion weeks ago, roughly midway into the new administration's term, at about day 20. Oh, and if the first 100 days is the honeymoon then I want to know if an annulment from this president is an option.

When I say failure is desired I am not speaking about Rush wishing for failure in the same way I was calling for failure in my last blog post. No. I am talking about the Obama administration planning, scheming and executing their plan designed to result in multiple systemic failures in various elements of the free markets and our Constitutional Democracy.

There is no way any political scientist, astrophysicist or any sane person, for that matter can connect the dots between what is being said in speeches and press conferences and what is being executed in cabinet appointments and legislative agendas. The words don't match up with the actions. So I don't even bother with the words anymore and look purely to the actions.

The DOW has been on a power dive since the Obamakins took office. They passed an enourmous spending bill with very little actual stimulus and the stock market free falls even further. They follow this up by talking about nationalizing banks; more downward spiral. The ink hasn't dried on the trillion dollar catastrophe and a budget bill for half a trillion more is in the works. And then the national healthcare agenda is being pushed before we even know if anyone will be left as a permanent member of the working class. Cap and Trade and Card Check legislation is coming, guaranteed to further hinder free enterprise from growing inside America. If you stop to ask "why?" you get this answer.

It's all part of the plan. The worse it gets the more the Spendocrats can push an agenda of entitlement programs. The more of us that are unemployed, the more of us will become federal dependents of this entitlement culture. And the more of us that are sucking the gov't teet the less likely we will be to vote out our "benefectors"; the less willing to vote in an opposition party that will dismantle all of those programs. Bill and Hillary tried it by nationalizing health care and other social programs and spending measures but then they lost control of Congress and then Newt Gingrich shut them down with his sober and measured Contract with America.

When Rahm Emmanuel said, "Never let a crisis go to waste" people missed the real intent. This country was NOT in crisis last November. By comparison to the entire first year of our last president I don't feel you can even make a comparison. President Bush inherited a few things and picked up a few more along the way. 2001 was the year the Dot Com bubble burst. The economy was headed towards a mild recession in the first days of his office. Then there was Enron, Global Crossings and MCI Worldcom. These ethical scandals eroded investor confidence and resulted in the loss of many jobs and the complete evaporation of a certain degree of personal wealth. Oh, yeah, and let's not forget, and I mean that, LET'S NOT FORGET 9/11 !!!

Rahm spotted all the makings of a true crisis. The ingredients were there. They hadn't been properly mixed together and the heat hadn't been applied yet. But as one indicator that this was not the full born crisis Obama and his minions claim it to be, unemployment was not and still is not in the double digit range, further still from where it was ultimately during the Great Depression. So thus starts the gloom and doom rhetoric from the Obama-Speech factory. The word "Crisis" was sited as appearing no less than 14 times in a recent speech . . . as if he was offering an invitation for one to occur; imagined boogeymen if not actual enough. Start the panic so that George Soros can sell American stocks and currency short.

This is the plan. And even if you don't believe in the truly nefarious nature of a George Soros or believe that extreme liberals are dismantling our democratic and free market systems that have endured for over 200 years, you can at least see the benefit gained by Obama for substantially lowering expectations in the next 18 months. If any recovery happens, the same short attention span that allowed this calamity to occur in the first place will surely befall voters again who won't harken back to a pre-Obama America. No, they will just be happy to see some things anything go up a point and a half after the indices dropped 15-25-38 points or more.

Oh, and to all of you Republican senators, congressman, chairmen of the RNC and any true conservative in front of a microphone or just in front of a liberal posing that loaded question, "Do you want the current administration to fail?" -- here is the simple stock answer you need to give. Don't get jumbled up in political speech wrapped in faux diplomacy and graciousness toward the rival party. Look the camera, the liberal, the inquisitor straight in the eye and say,
"I do not want ANY ONE's BAD Policies or Programs to succeed!"
And if you feel required to embellish upon that response you can add,
"Be it offered by a Democrat, Republican, Independent, Libertarian, Agent of the KGB, Muslim Radical Decapitators, Populist or Alien, Legal, Illegal or Extraterrestrial -- Bad is Bad and I don't want ANY BAD Policy to SUCCEED! Obama and his administration are extremely inexperienced. That inexperience translates to a high likelihood of not knowing what to do, of making mistakes, and they are making mistakes. It is our right and our responsibility as American citizens to point this out."

Now more than ever we don't have a lot of room for political experiments. Bad is Bad and it needs to FAIL before even getting off the launch pad.

Finally, the flap about Rush Limbaugh is important because it all too plainly exposed the true patriots versus the career politicians. Those denouncing Rush, McCain being at the front of that firing line as he pandered to Stephanopoulos on Sunday, are doing so, in my humble opinion, because his good ideas trump their titles of power. They can't acknowledge that he is the voice of true conservatives without relinquishing their authority over the "message." The thing about the message, a.k.a. the conservative agenda is that it's ALL GOOD regardless of who possesses it. The message is what's most important and if it means someone else isn't getting the screen time necessary to advance their reelection campaign, so be it. Better luck next time Senator. Maybe you can at least get some mileage from jumping on the right bandwagon or maybe you will stop being Mr. Politico long enough to be a true patriot and a servant of the people. If America pulls out of this nose dive there will be plenty of credit to go around and I will be looking most closely at the the actions and not the words of those Senators, Governors, Talk Show Hosts or Friendly Neighborhood Milkmen who want to run for President in 2012. A part of me sees a lot of work to be done just to protect America's Democracy before we can think about that election.