Friday, August 29, 2008

The Tickets

I am reading the blogs about the Biden announcement. I am listening to the media's reaction to the Obama convention speech. It's clear to me now that the liberals' excitement for displacing Republicans from national office has clouded any degree of reason or rational thought. The exuberance over the past two weeks is unbridled and more importantly, unsubstantiated. I hear a lot of hyperbole. I keep looking past all the adjectives and see very few action verbs or even specific nouns here. I do see a lot of dollar $ign$ though.
Why is everyone so excited? What are these guys planning on doing besides proclaiming their personal Hope for Change and the need to Change our Hope?
I see now that the Democratic Party could run a turgid dog's penis and a pine cone encrusted in used cat litter as the presidential ticket and the response would be roughly the same -- blind enthusiasm with lips puckered.

That being said, I haven't been thrilled about John McCain either. He misses the mark on some of the key planks in a Conservative's platform. The boards sound creaky at any rate. So even traditionally conservative sources have been skeptical about the support he will receive. One article even outlined how government was bound to get bigger and more unwieldly regardless of which party won the White House.
But even though I've heard the name mentioned before, I hear it first in detail on the Laura Ingraham Show (who is as flawed as any talk show host but really hitting her stride in the past month and a half). I hear things about this prospective V.P. that I really like because they connect with my personal concerns, my own conservative agenda, and most of all, they seem genuine. She seems genuine. And I am sure the liberal slander machine of the DNC is swinging in to gear as I type this. They'll be desperate to paint a different picture and they'll find something that resonates with self-loathing liberals but you can't argue with the data. Her actions and words before this moment are what they are. I am, at this moment, feeling sincere and all new excitement about Sarah Palin being the V.P. on the ticket. And she's far easier on the eyes than the other three fleshy headed, unripe and over-ripened, supermarket political products we'll be staring at for the next three months.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Madonna, All Of Your Relevance Called and It Wants to Move Back to the 80's

So it's that time again. When Hollywood stops making poorly crafted, preachy movies with heavy handed political propaganda and summers with the quasi-celebs in the national political circles. They are all hanging out at the Convention Party and unavoidably the sophomore geeks of the national media are trying to stand close enough to the cool older kids in hopes that nobody notices they are socially inept.
And so then the microphones start flying in front of the faces of all the wrong people like the business end of a Chippendale dancer dangling in front of your mom at your fiancée's bachelorrete party.
In essence this leads to people who's lyrics are written for them, who's lines are scripted for them and further more their performance directed and redirected, now they have to shake something loose from their otherwise vacant heads. What they say is a) something that makes rational people scratch their heads and wonder why they enjoyed performances by such an addle-brained idiot, b) because it doesn't take into account that most of us don't lunch at The Ivy or Koi and write it off as a business expense before having it out with our pool boy, illegal-alien maid, __(insert other household staff of wealthy glitterati here)__, and that's because c) our lives are so utterly and completely different that I'd be better off asking the Russian military to be my ambassador and spokesperson to my U.S. Government Representatives.
Is that stretching it a bit?
Not as much as Madonna labeling John McCain the worst Nazi in world history.
WTF?!? Madonna, why don't you get your sagging ass back in the studio to record another crappy album, or try and fail to shock us by kissing skanky, trailer trash pop stars at music awards or adopt a kid from Darfur or something that you think you still do well while I am sitting here wondering how I am going to pay the bill on my gas card?
Speaking to America about what we should think about the candidates is not that thing that made you famous. It's not something you do well. Stop doing it.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Gold Medals Made My Heart Swell

Every time we won a gold medal at the Olympics these last two weeks my heart would swell with pride because I knew they would play one of the most enduring national anthems ever written.

So I am checking out the stories on the internet and I happen to read this editorial on how the Chinese are up in the Gold Medal count at the Summer Olympics and because they don't count Silver and Bronze they feel they can declare themselves a super power, dominating these Olympics against the American team that has been 10-18 total medals ahead of them all week. I am reading this in some Yahoo (Reuters dominated, read: Liberal Media Agenda) Sports page. So I am doing an analysis and it would appear that the vast majority of gold medals occur for the Chinese in events with subjective scoring, like diving and gymnastics, in non-team events and events with no real popularity, even in the Olympics (i.e. BADMINTON and TABLE TENNIS).
Ummmm, yeah. I'm thinking Misty May-Trainer and Kerry Walsh could very well bench press the Chinese mens athletes competing in these sports.
Consequently I come to find out there will be no softballs floating above the pitch in four years but the shuttle cock and the tiny white plastic ball will probably remain. Nothing says athletic dominance like "sports" I played and subsequently gave up playing before I was ten.
So now they are over. The U.S. didn't embarrass itself. We didn't blood dope. We stumbled occasionally or perhaps dropped the baton in a relay but we recovered quickly, winning more medals in the next event. Most importantly we didn't compete with under-aged athletes, subject an audience to a lip-synched performance at the opening ceremony or ridicule for wearing masks and not sucking up the smog and we took the high road when scores equaled Gold and only resulted in Silver.
The team was victorious in all the events we were supposed to dominate. We capped off our victories with a Basketball Gold Medal win for the "Redeem Team" - Good showing guys!
And for those of you who don't see the political implications of the Olympics, well you probably never will. The IOC is a little like the NCAA for the United Nations. That is to say that the IOC would appear to embody some of the same anti-American bent that is all too evident in the UN. When the U.S. won medals there was no question, many times setting records in purely objective contests of speed, strength, poise and endurance.
I detected a nationalistic pride in our athletes that others may not have witnessed. You may feel I am projecting my sentiment. I think you are wrong if you do because these are the same others who won't acknowledge the militaristic basis for the games in ancient Greece and are even more unlikely to admit we are at war with better than half the world right now for our very survival as a nation and as a beacon of the Democratic ideals we've established with our nation 232 years ago. Announcers skirted a direct analogy for the past two weeks but any reference to Mark Spitz in the '72 Olympics is going to conjure images of the Middle-Eastern terrorists and there was a reference to Jesse Owens amidst all the Michael Phelps accolades, again, an Olympics known better for the place: Berlin and the time in history: a world looming on the brink of war.

Shine on US Gold. Fly high Stars and Stripes. Stand tall US Olympic Team.