Thursday, May 17, 2012

People of New York . . .

. . . why do you demean yourselves by repeatedly returning Chuck Schumer to the Senate?

Today he again proves his Constitutional Illiteracy by proposing a Bill of Attainder to capture a few hundred million dollars of Capital Gains that Mr. Saverin is expatriating to avoid.

As I sift through the Lame Stream media accounts of this story and even Fox I see no mention of Article I, Section 9.

Chuck "the Rat" Schumer while promoting his Unconstitutional ex post facto Law is quoted as saying

“This tax-avoidance scheme is outrageous,” Schumer said. “This is a great American success story gone horribly wrong.”

He's half right. Capital Gains tax code is the great American success story gone wrong. The fact that successful Americans have to leave the country to avoid unfair taxes is wrong. The fact that idiots like Schumer are so wrapped up in their socialist rhetoric that they speak as if Mr. Saverin's investment earnings are their money to confiscate is the true great injustice.

It would never pass anyway but wondering if the legislature Schumer is proposing would apply to Charlie Rangel.