Thursday, May 27, 2010

Plug The Damn Hole !!

Failed "blowout preventer", "top hat", "top kill" . . .

and the President is voting "present" with a press conference but only after hitting enough golf balls for a "junk shot" of his own, and yet . . .

the arrogant, narcissistic oblivious blowhard believes that his words a la a rare press conference today are going to be sufficient to remedy this catastrophe. The two things most needed by Mr. Obama to actual fix the problem are always in short supply in his trick bag: an ability to listen and an ability to take action.

Before he can plug the hole spewing oil out of the bottom of the Gulf of Mexico he needs to plug his own damn hole.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Open Letter to Neil Cavuto

Neil Cavuto ended today's broadcast by downplaying the significance of CT Senatorial candidate Richard Blumenthal who lied openly and repeatedly about his military service during the Vietnam War. Blumenthal claimed to have served in Vietnam when he didn't.

We have learned something important since the days I served in Vietnam. - Connecticut AG Richard Blumenthal in 2008.


I like your show. I like your perspectives but if I was hearing you correctly at the end of today's broadcast I think you got it dead wrong. I could talk about the death of a thousand cuts and the persistent campaign on the left to lower our expectations and standards but these are not the most important reason you are wrong on this one.

This is much bigger than you think it is. Lies about military service are unacceptable. I served in the military with Reagan as my Commander-in-Chief and although we came close two or three times, thanks in no small part to a strengthened U.S. military presence and a resolute President I was never deployed as part of a hostile mission. I never faced the enemy on the battlefield and the reason military veterans who have been on battlefields respect me is because I don't belittle the significance of their service by telling lies about mine. And it's not something you do by accident either, getting caught up in the emotion of giving an extemporaneous speech. Trust me, it is just not done, EVER. Perhaps only those who are part of the military fraternity and have been touched by the traditions and held themselves to that same code of honor can fully understand. Richard Blumenthal apparently cannot.

Neil, this speaks to character and that should matter even for someone wanting to represent the people of Connecticut. Anyone from any party affiliation running for elected office from the county dog catcher to U.S. Senator is asking for the people's trust. Someone who violates the trust of his own brethren from that sacred military fraternity just to score political points has demonstrated that he can and will violate the trust of voters and constituents for his own comfort, convenience and personal gain.

You may find this kind of personal defect acceptable in our elected officials. I most certainly do not.

Neil, you are to the left of Newsweek on this one . . . NEWSWEEK!

George Hackett nails it when he calls Blumenthal's lie "uniquely heinous".

James L.
Austin, TX
3/505th P.I.R. '86-'89

I can think of a few others already on Capitol Hill using a falsified personal narrative to advance their agenda.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

The Hits Just Keep Coming

On his way into Buffalo to talk a lot and do nothing that is a proven to actually stimulate jobs the President was greeted by a billboard.

The sign reads:

Dear Mr. President.
I need a freakin job.

But as vexed as the President may have been by this he still is running in second place for the "Worst Week" award.

Eric Holder is caught flat footed . . . AGAIN. And if he had any shame or humility he would resign before Monday.

And that doesn't even get to the "fact" that he admits not having read the 10 page piece of immigration legislation; the Arizona law that he has already vowed to challenge. A challenge with no basis if he has only skimmed the language of the bill.

Other than an Obama liberal I can only think of one other animal that attacks without reason, a rabid one. The rabid animal would probably score higher on the state bar exam

Monday, May 10, 2010

I Got Your Traglodyte . . . Right Here

So here's the link to the news story.

You might think I am being surreptitious, hiding the story in a web link so the President can't find it but I hear he's got people.

At any rate, if you don't have time in this busy, information laden world of 24/7 news cycles, radio talk show and Fox News "chatter" and the plethora of devices ready to deliver all that calamitous, undemocratic content to you at the push of an "on" button then let me sum it up for you:

The President claims in a commencement speech that he doesn't know how to use any of those rather ubiquitous products that have defined the culture of our current era. The unfortunate thing for the President in this gadgety, instant information age is that his own words are easily captured and quickly proliferated like in this case. Now he can't deny having said, "And with iPods and iPads and Xboxes and PlayStations -- none of which I know how to work -- information becomes a distraction, a diversion, a form of entertainment, rather than a tool of empowerment, rather than the means of emancipation."

Well, I can say at least I am entertained by his words if not truthfully informed. And I enjoyed the ease of posting this to my Facebook page to which some serious-minded Obama-loving citizen paused long enough from his game of Mafia Wars to reply "Wow. Really looking for reasons to hate" all because I suggested the President was either a liar or so inept that perhaps the mantle of world power was too much of a challenge for his self-deprecated intellect. A week ago when I took issue with the possibility of a VAT to pay for the government run Health Care program that was crammed down on us two months ago the same F'booker took a respite from his game of Farmville to post "I am tired of all the Obama hating."

On one side of the web we have thoroughly researched George Will articles on Town Hall and witty editorials by Mark Steyn and on the other side of the ether we have those who would reduce all forms of opposition to simple hatred of the individual. It's pretty clear from many of the President's other speeches which of these he categorizes as uninformed rhetoric though and if you have to guess, then guess those of us reiterating Steyn and Will.

What this news story is telling us is you can't have it both ways. As a liberal you only think you can. As the article points out, you can't be using all these technologies to get elected and then, for the convenience of controlling opinions in a free speech society claim they have no relevance beyond that of mindless entertainment. So we are left to wonder is this President lying to us in a rather lame and ineffectual attempt to deflect criticism and divert us from certain sources of media we might choose or is he telling the truth? Because if he's telling the truth we all have reason to be supremely frightened. If this 48 year old self-styled hipster really doesn't know how to operate any of these all too common and intuitive devices, should we trust him to run the most powerful nation in the world?

But we all know, even those haters of the "haters", that he's lying, and feebly so. It reminds me of elementary school friends who lied habitually about some of the least significant facets of their personal lives to make themselves seem cooler or more relatable. We are all getting a glimpse into the insecurity of the much younger Barry, thrice abandoned by parents and in desperate need of approval (his current disapproval rating must be rather maddening).

I guess there's a third possibility, that he he holds us, the American people in such low contempt that he really thinks we are so stupid as to believe him and make all his lies true in our minds.

Most of all I've found this episode to be quite entertaining. The Carvey and Hartman era SNL skits write themselves if only in my mind.

But I understand if you are yearning for real entertainment, in which case, click here:

and here