Monday, August 15, 2011

Ron Paul Presidential Candidate Dolls on Sale Now

Act Now to Order Your
Anti-Federal Reserve
Ron Paul

With Hypno-Vision to stun and mesmerize your Liberterian friends
(who will then willingly follow this doll off of a cliff)

Amaze & Entertain Your Friends By Pulling the Neck String to Hear Two Patented Life like Catch-Phrases

"Close the Federal Reserve. The Fed is at the heart of all America's economic problems. When you understand business cycles and you understand the gold standard and Ben Bernanke equals Woodrow Wilson. I should know, I voted for both of them. Did I mention pi R squared? Follow the Yellow Brick Road or be at peril of attack by flying monkeys."

- and -

"America needs to get out of all wars everywhere. War scares me. War is bad and most of all it costs money the Federal reserve should not be printing. Our Founding Fathers had muskets and a Navy of a handful of ships that would take weeks, nay months to cross the oceans. We need to return to those simpler times so we don't feel compelled to fight wars with our fast jet powered military that reminds me of Buck Rogers that I use to see at the picture show for a nickel when I was in my twenties. Did I mention that we should pull our troops out of everywhere including our own domestic bases? If I were President I'd be so anti-war that the movie Star Wars would be illegal."

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