Wednesday, August 10, 2011


Listening to Mark Steyn today and between him, Stuart Varney and a English Lit professor at UCLA, it seems like British ex-pats are determined to teach and remind us everything we should already know about our country and ourselves as Americans.

American Liberty is not easy. It is, however, completely worth the effort and the price . . . particularly when you consider the alternatives.

Thinking even more about how aptly named the Tea Party is, the candidates who wear that monicker as a badge of honor are willing to sacrifice the little bit of political power they've gained along with reputation and wealth to defend the American ideal. They are surrounded on the Hill by so many others that embody the descriptor "turncoat".

By the very nature of our nation's founding and the dynamic created by The Constitution, it seems the American Revolution is bound to be played out again and again and again.

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