Sunday, August 21, 2011

MSM GOP Primary Whole Card BINGO

It's hard watching the Main Stream Media report on anything purely political. The bias is so extreme that it is predictable. But it's useful to know what these idiots are saying because it is likely to come up in cocktail conversation with your "moderate" or "apolitical" friends and family who actually really on this as a source of news.

So to make it interesting and even entertaining I've concocted a game.
Play with me. Watch carefully for all these tired tropes by the liberal attack dogs.
Shout out BINGO!!! when you can cover the whole card. Now that the Iowa Straw Poll is over and we are entering the true Primary Season, the media that has been bridling against the clock to come in and start swinging, . . . well, it appears to be in full swing.

Click the picture for the whole card.

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