Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Best Seats in the House

A few observations as the night goes on:

Most righteous defeat - Alan disGrayson. This was a win for all Americans regardless of party affiliation. The guy is an embarrassment to all of us.

Early predictions - Marco Rubio 2020. His ascent on the stage of national politics begins tonight. Another prediction, Rubio won't last 2 full years in the Senate because he'll get picked as the Republican running mate for the 2012 ticket. And yet he will still have a much bigger impact in his two years than Obama did during his stint in the Senate. Listen to his victory speech and you will witness something more Presidential than anything we've seen from the White House in the last two years.

Unfortunate returns - Barney Frank, Lloyd Dog-gone-it (Dr. Donna, we were pulling for you). Barbara Boxer and Harry Freakin' Reid

Stupidist Vote Cast - More than 10,000 Nevadans voting "None of the above" for Senate instead of just not showing up at the polls tonight. (Message to those voters: Your education has failed you. Did you really think your state would not send anyone back to DC to occupy the Senior Senator's seat because of your lame protest vote?)

Best Argument Against Electronic Voting Booths - Nevada
Best Argument For Using Electronic Voting Booths - Washington

Money better spent than taxed away by the Obama government - Dan Benisheck (made a small donation to his campaign when I heard he was running for the Bart "I'm Really NOT-SO Pro-Life" Stupak's seat).

Happy return (to sanity) - my birth state of Wisconsin - retiring career politician Feingold (Ron Johnson wins!) and electing a Governor with integrity (Scott Walker) who is on a mission to ferret (or perhaps badger) out waste, fraud and abuse of power.

Same old tune - New York still dancing to the Elitist Waltz, Chicago Corruptocrat Rap and of course California with the Electoral Slide Over the Cliff. (No coincidence that they are losing jobs, businesses and with a population that is rapidly voting with their feet, seeing a loss of Congressional Seats and Electoral votes too).

So Predictable
- msnbc is already building it's narrative about the so-called puniness of the Republican gains, the misfires of the Tea Party (O'Donnell) and how the American people in the "fly-over" states won't really be heard tonight. But why is it that Olberman looks like he's about to pass a football sized gall stone while he's reporting this cheery, pro-Dem news tonight? (I guarantee he will be scowling his way through a report about unfair gerrymandering in February).

Welcome to D.C. - Col. West (FL). Sean Duffy (WI) and many, many more

Write-Ins: And finally, I needed to hit the MUTE button when Fox decided to pull Geraldine Ferraro out of moth balls. Were Jimmy Carter and Walter Mondale not available to parrot Liberal Not-So-Truisms and try to be a wet blanket on the night?! Her "logic" was mind-bending.

Now hand over the Gavel, Nancy!

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