Wednesday, November 3, 2010

The Obama Cult Massacre

If someone wanted to make an Andrew Lloyd Weber style musical or a cable channel movie-of-the-week or South Park episode for that matter, this one, as they say, "writes itself." I would guess that this one also fits the FBI profile.

The cult leader is charismatic, almost certainly fueled by narcissism and frustrated about perceived injustices. He has a vision of a Utopian ideal that will remedy all these injustices and because it's his vision he is the only one who can lead people to his Utopia.

He starts with a small cadre of believers including his wife (Michelle) and some lifelong colleagues (Gibbs, Axlerod). Perhaps there is a skeptic in their midst (Rahm) but he's mostly silent, either enjoying the growing notoriety or expecting greater opportunities for himself down the road.

On that road they encounter additional followers who are in search of something but are just not sure what it is they seek. When the "well spoken" cult leader extols the virtues of his Utopian vision now they know what it is they've been seeking.

Their following gets so big they need more room and need to get away from the dissenting voices in mainstream society who create a distraction from the message and just make it harder for the new believers to see their cult leader's vision.

[In October 1973, the directors of the Peoples Temple passed a resolution to establish an agricultural mission there.[13] The Temple chose Guyana, in part, because of its socialist politics, which were also moving further to the left during the selection process.[13][14] Former Temple member Tim Carter stated that the reasons for choosing Guyana were the Temple's view of creeping fascism, the perception of the dominance of multinational corporations on the government, and perceived racism in the U.S. government - Jonestown ]

[(CBS) President Obama said the much-discussed protests and anger projected at his administration is in part fueled by the 24-hour news cycle and new media.

He told "Face the Nation" host Bob Schieffer that cable news and blogs, operating on a 24/7 news cycle, "focus on the most extreme elements on both sides. They can't get enough of the conflict - it's catnip to the media right now."

Given this environment, the president bemoaned, "it is more difficult for us to solve the problems" Congress and his administration face. - CBS News Face the Nation

Somewhere out in the desert they come across gatherings of like-minded seekers perhaps with leaders of their own (Pelosi). The mood and the rhetoric intensify, power dynamics shift and the skeptics become dissenters and decide to leave the cult.

[Some defections occurred,[47] most notably in 1973, when eight mostly young members, commonly referred to as the "Gang of Eight", defected together.[48] ]

[Rahm Emanuel leaves the White House weeks before the Mid-Term elections. Christina Romer, and Peter Orszag leave the White House economic team in the Summer of 2010]

In the end cult leaders seem to follow a similar trajectory. The aforementioned Jim Jones ended up dead from a self-inflicted gunshot wound amidst the bloated carcasses of his dead cult followers in the Guyanese sun. Sadly, in the Jonestown Massacre, amongst the many victims, a U.S. Congressman Leo Ryan (D) really did end up dead, murdered by overzealous cult members.

Similarly, Obama's Progressive Democrat Cult committed mass suicide confirmed in this article in The Hill -

The final time-line of the Obama Cult's Suicide Pact is as follows:
The Progressive Democrat Cult committed mass suicide on March 21st, 2010 after voting for the Health Care bill, an act that figuratively resembles drinking the cyanide lased Flavor-Aid. The cult leader died by his own pen on March 23rd, 2010 (by signing the Health Care Bill into law). . . . It wasn't until November 2nd and 3rd that we started to find the bodies.

There are rumors of a 2nd mass grave not too far from the first. I am guessing we will find those bodies in 2012.

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