Saturday, September 12, 2009

. . . Pants On Fire

My biggest disappointment with Congressman Joe Wilson is that he was so quick to apologize for his outburst. Admittedly he was going to have to do it or risk censure by the most hypocritical bunch of Democrats in history but I just wish he hadn't been so quick to do it. He should have apologized like a Clinton or a Van Jones or so many other expert not-pologist liberals, with an apology that's not really an apology.

Then again, I've seen him in interviews after the fact and from what I saw I don't believe this was some calculated or orchestrated stunt. I believe he let his emotions get the better of him and in that moment he became a voice of so many of us who feel like we are being told lies to pass this bill; a piece of legislation that has so many ulterior motives and liberal agendas tied to it from the very outset that we all should be calling its proponents to account over every word they utter in support of it.

I didn't watch the speech because I can't watch this Chicago charlatan lie anymore. Frankly the look on Nancy Pelosi's face alone would have made it worth watching but who knew? It truly was spontaneous and unexpected which is what made Joe Wilson's outburst so worthwhile. Thank goodness for You Tube.

As for those who want to make a case against Congressman Wilson's disrespect, I do recall that there was a lot of tongue clicking, groaning and even booing from from the Leftists 2, 3 and 7 years ago.

And let's not forget that one Congressman nearly beat a Senator to death in the Capitol building as tensions mounted preceding the Civil War.

We absolutely shouldn't be practicing some sort of phony decorum that is reserved for royalty who are the elite ruling class in other countries, our leaders are supposed to be common citizens with no special rights . . . We absolutely should be outspoken at every possible opportunity as our 1st Amendment affords us . . . and we should see this moment as an important indicator of mounting tensions, a revolt, peaceful or otherwise may soon follow if certain courses of action continue unaltered . . . Democracy after all, is a messy business.

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