Thursday, September 3, 2009

Ask Not What Your President Can Do For You . . .

Some Parents Choose Not to Allow Their Kids to Hear Obama's National Address - Political News -

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Here's my suggested vocabulary list for the students, parents and teachers that choose to participate on that day:

  1. cult
  2. Orwellian
  3. indoctrination
  4. creepy
  5. Messianic
  6. exploitative
  7. fishy
  8. propagandize or the alternate spelling Obamagandize

And for the older kids, 6th Grade and Up, here are ways they can integrate the President's speech into educational activities:

  • Write an essay comparing what you witnessed today with what you know about Mao Zedong, Che Guevera, Pol Pot, Reverend Jim Jones or any other tyrannical despots or cult leaders from this years history reading list
  • Role Play Scenario: Choose who gets to be School Superintendent who's district is experiencing a budget short-fall, newly appointed Department of Education Secretary, Chief of Staff - Rahm Emanuel who's watching his boss's approval numbers drop like an anvil, parent working two jobs to make ends meet, student whose parent is working two jobs, parent who did not vote for Obama and coincidentally doesn't believe in Global Warming, student of said parent, teacher still in her probationary phase of employment in a district that may have to cut more positions. Print up money (hand write I.O.U. to China - optional) and give it all to the Dept. of Education Secretary and Rahm Emanuel. Have the Dept. of Ed Secretary make using a controversial "education" program "optional". Have the rest of the students observe and then comment on how each of the people interact.
  • High School Juniors and Seniors: Write a cover letter and résumé for jobs that won't be created or saved, "Green" or otherwise by the time you graduate. Hand them to your teacher when complete. Teachers, demonstrate to your students what prospective employers will be doing by throwing the résumés in your trash can.
  • Incorporate one of the following symbols into a poster and attend a Town Hall meeting or Tea Party

Teachers & parents, here is some alternate viewing for independent thinkers in your classes

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