Tuesday, September 15, 2009

More Names for the List

Only 7 Senators voted against Defunding ACORN after they were exposed by our intrepid amateur journalists, O'Keefe and Giles doing the good work that 60 Minutes stopped doing two decades ago.

Seven Senators are so oblivious to the egregiousness of what the videos have revealed that they are in essence saying that they want to see our tax dollars hard at work . . .to cheat the system that collects our tax dollars.

Seven Senators who needed to do no more than say the word "Aye" to prevent our tax dollars from aiding child prostitution were unwilling to do so.

There is no defense here. These are our tax dollars and ACORN does not have a right to them which is why Defunding this criminal enterprise disguised as a non-profit philanthropic organization took less than a full page of legislation and happened in one quick vote (barring a Veto from their biggest supporter and beneficiary - Barrack Obama).

These hopeless liberals are:

1. Pat Leahy - VT
2. Bernard Sanders - VT
I am not seeing the Vermont connection. It must be some association with big trees, ACORN? Mighty oak? Maple syrup? . . . I don't get it. Can someone from Vermont help me with why you elected these baffoons? Can someone help me understand why they are defending funding for a criminal enterprise that doesn't even operate in their own state of Vermont? Are they truly just defending supporters of illegal alien child prostitution? Is that what's important to them?

No big suprise out of that the state who's political machine wrote the Field Manual on corruption.
3. Dick Durbin - IL
4. Roland "I Know Who Butters My Bread And It Ain't Blago, Which Way Am I Voting On Your Behalf Today Rahm?" Burris - IL

5. Sheldon Whitehouse - RI
6. Kirsten Gillibrand - NY who saw the costumes our intrepid reporters were wearing and thought this was a new Broadway musical instead of an undercover sting.
7. Bob Casey - Pennsylvania, or as I now refer to it, Douchelvania.

If you are people who live in these states expect public shaming. Your elected officials are beyond shame with this latest vote. If you have any pride you will actively campaign against them and vote against them in their respective reelection campaigns.

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