Thursday, July 14, 2011


This has to be what it is like having a heroine addict in your family. The endless negotiating that really sounds like begging, the irrational behavior, the thrashing about, the childish fits and angry desperation; all signs of withdrawal from their drug of choice.

So before that addict in your family goes past that point of no return you have to get together and have an intervention, even though the radical behavior will be heightened, perhaps frenzied even and the emotions will get very raw.

But all of you who voted for Obama and your representative Democrats are just the drug dealers who pushed the drugs (spending) on these weak souls.

Not just the junkies but a lot of other people are going to be effected and perhaps hurt and even changed forever. But what's the option? Do you turn your backs on that family member? Do you let them get more drugs and overdose?

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