Friday, July 29, 2011

Alternatives in History

Andrew C. McCarthy writes a very noteworthy piece in National Review

and by advocating against what has been called the Boehner plan he stands apart from many of his fellow conservatives.

We've been disappointed to watch Republicans lose their nerve and cave in as recently as this year in the negotiations over the debt extension in April and May. Now that the Tea Party members in their midst are standing firm I see long time conservative pundits losing their nerve, talking in fear of the political outcome for the Republican party and not talking about saving the country -- country before party affiliation. This is a real crisis of faith and frankly many of them are sounding self-contradictory.

In the end, win, lose or draw, Republican party members will still be the only alternative to Obama and his ultra-radical, leftists Democrats. The Republican nominee for President will likely bear little or no responsibility for the outcome of the current debt crisis and the resulting economic aftermath. The Republican nominee will also be the only alternative to the true owner of this accelerated decrepitude, Barrack "Don't call my bluff - never let a crisis go to waste" Obama.

There is currently NO plan in play that will move us in a direction away from still being a debtor nation. Cut-Cap & Balance was killed by the Obama lapdog, Harry Reid and no alternatives were offered by Obama Democrats. Paul Ryan's Medicare plan already met a similar fate and the Mack Penny Plan, yet another alternative is not gaining any traction for all the same reasons.

Andrew McCarthy's piece spotlights that the nation's debt is the ongoing, existential threat and the driving issue in our national debate since before, during and now, well after the 2010 mid-term elections. There is currently no course of action that will eliminate this issue.

So in 2012, unless voters are all bonked on the head and have amnesia, get worn down by the dithering and current gridlock only to consign themselves to a fate worse than that of a Greek, or if they all just have an A-D-D moment at the ballot box and change their minds, the debt will still be a driving issue. Voter concern or not, the debt itself will exist and threaten the state of our present day existence and not only our future.

As long as the debt remains front and center in the election debate the Republicans have every chance of making greater gains in the House, likely win the 6 or 7, perhaps 12 out of 20+ Senate seats to garner a majority, as well as be living in the White House. And in January of 2013 . . . the debt will still be an issue.

So in 2014, on the heals of some dramatic legislative action to cut spending, close business/job killing government agencies, repeal Obamacare, revise Medicare and Social Security and rewrite the tax code, the Tea Party will become an official political party. At this point more than 100 2nd and 3rd term congressmen and several Senators will break ranks and change their party affiliation. The remaining weak (RINO, moderate, careerist) Republicans will be forced to go along with the newly formed Tea Party; the Party that won't be afraid to lead or, as an alternative, these remaining Republicans will join the ranks of Democrats legislatively and/or otherwise. In either case, the Republican party will be driven into exile.

As for Legitimate Democrats, they are already extinct. The Progressives/Socialists liberal body snatchers have replaced them years ago. They may choose to call themselves Democrats. But knowing their socialist leanings, I'll be calling them the Anti-American Party.

And before you decide that this is a not possible I'll remind you that in our nation's history there once was a Federalist Party, a Democrat-Republican Party and a Whig Party. Where are they now? Like their ideas, their platforms and their leaders, they have run their course and become obsolete.

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