Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Voting With Their Feet

Prior to the U.S. Census results being tabulated there was some early reporting and it appeared the electoral map would see this redistribution with almost all the declines taking place in Blue State America and very few pickups occurring outside of Red States. Highlights in yellow are my way of indicating those states that have seen a Tea Party impact on Congressional election results and appear to be shifting right

Americans came out en masse in the mid-term elections to let their government know their displeasure but as is often the case there has been a silent uprising for years. People have been fleeing states with high taxes and anti-business, anti-working class liberal policies. They've left liberalism in the rear view mirrors of their U-Haul trailers and arrived into the welcoming arms of pro-business, lower tax states; sanctuaries of American liberty. I'm calling it Free Market Federalism.

The Census results that have been released today are inline with the earlier expectations. The change depicted here in the number of Congressional seats results in an equal number of electoral votes (plus or minus). The 2012 electoral landscape will look like this

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