Saturday, March 13, 2010

Pork-ulus Hill

Dems Abandon Abortion Deal, Ready Health Vote -AP March 12, 2010

So here it comes . . . the human wave invasion of Congressmen and women throwing themselves at the trenches of patriotic citizens in a full out frontal assault on American liberty. Fix bayonets. Call your Representatives this week. Make sure they all feel the steel that is the will of the American People.

Here's the map of the objective:

Here's your rally point:

Here is a flash card to help you identify the enemy combatants who you need to engage:
We need to keep as many in the "No" columns from going over to the enemy and make the rest know they will pay the price in November if they charge this hill now.

and call in an artillery barrage of email on this list of coordinates:

Here are your communication codes:

Lock and Load and start firing Monday morning.

And when you run out of ammunition, remember that Nancy told us she'd be coming over the wire so fix bayonets!

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