Saturday, March 6, 2010

The Health Care Debate Really Just Needs Buffy

It's back.
Because it never really went away.
That would be the Obaminable Health Care Ration Bill.
In spite of the fact that Scott Brown's election was a clear referendum coming out of Teddy "My Legacy Will Be Universal Health Care" Kennedy's own state of Massachusetts; in spite of hearing how this administration was going to pivot hard on to the economy and jobs right at the beginning of this year (check the calendar, it's March already), a statement made no less by the President himself; in spite of a largely unproductive summit (the first time Republicans had been allowed on to the stage to debate health care legislation in over ten months) Obama is right back at it again like a heat crazed dog on a chain that gets shorter with every rotation around the stake; a dog that continues barking with a ragged voice; a dog that returns to its own pile of $hit.

And for those of you saying "it's dead" for something like the fifth or thirty fifth time, realize this thing is not going to die a simple death. This agenda is the undead demon-seed of these liberal Democrat's. Their progressive agenda, a.k.a. socialism is not a hell-hound. It's a vampire.

And it is not just a vampire.
It's the cheesy, overacted vampire of Paul Reubens fame in Buffy the Vampire Slayer, except we're no longer amused. Just die already.

After all, this is the second time the President has said the "debate is over" and for once, in that one minor fact he may be right.

At this point even the most poignant and eloquent of writers are repeating themselves in articles about how this debate has been lost and how Obama has lost it. Just look at Charles Krauthammer's piece "For Obama, health care show must go on" and see that CK is growing tired of having to find new ways of expressing the obvious.

In that sense the debate has been over for sometime. All relevant points have been made and Obama's intransigence on this topic has morphed into nothing more evolved than an annoyance that strongly resembles a young child arguing with their parent to get their own way by repeatedly asking "why not?" only to be rebuffed again and again by the single word response, "because."

But after all, isn't that how vampires get you? Their tireless, dogged pursuit of the blood in your veins can never be slaked by anything except . . . the blood in your veins. Obama is fixated on passing Health Care legislation like a vampire locked on to its next victim.

The threat of Health Care passage won't die simply or quickly. It will live on until you lop off its head (Pelosi) and stake it in the heart (Obama) and then maybe if we dismember it (the Democrat majority in the House and Senate) and send the individual pieces to the farthest flung regions of the third world we may be able to avoid hearing about it until someone like Soros scours the planet for all the pieces, perhaps "a decade" from now to reassemble it just to make another bad vampire movie sequel of it.

There is one other threat to the vampire. It is the light of day. This vampire in particular can only operate under the cover of darkness, yet now we know it is out there and we have seen it coming for us. It knows this. This fact, knowledge of its inherent weakness is always in its blood hungering mind. And that's why when it is close to making a fresh kill and the dawn is rapidly approaching it is most desperate and in its greatest hurry.

Once exposed, the best time to kill the vampire is in the middle of the day. Dawn for the Obama-care vampire may be in November. Until then don't expect it to stop stalking its victim. This vampire is hoping we will tire of being hunted, become distracted, and let down our guard.

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