Sunday, July 29, 2012

100 Days

There is no question that in 100 Days something will happen that will effect us all.

In 100 Days we the American voter may hand Obama a Referendum on his entire Presidency or voters may elect him to a 2nd term and with that they will be providing another kind of referendum. An Obama reelection is an outright rejection of the entire concept of America. It would be a rejection of Constitutional limits, government restraint, free markets and individual liberty and responsibility.

Those of you out of work and who want to work and have a better life for you and your children: you have a clear and logical choice.

Those of you who have been out of work at some point over the last 4 years and/or watched your savings dwindle and/or put your life on hold or downsize your plans: you have a clear choice.

Those of you who have reduced expectations and are not satisfied with having reduced expectations about your future and the life your children will have: you have a clear choice.

Those of  you who run businesses and are tired of making the difficult choice of laying off employees and not being able to hire because you are concerned you will see another downturn in your business have a clear and logical choice.

Those of you who appreciate your access to world class medical care have a clear and logical choice.

Those of you who have difficulty buying or selling a house: you have a clear and logical choice.

Those of you who have pride in America; who believe in American exceptionalism have a clear and logical choice

Those of you who find more wrong than right with America; who perhaps daydream about living in another, very different country with a foreign culture; you have a clear and logical choice too. Be prepared to own up to that choice while we all endure the misery you would have us endure for the sake of your whimsy.

Those of you who have no problem collecting government assistance or food stamps and would actually prefer this status quo over some alternative; I have no words for you. Voting for you is a hypocrisy. Voting is exercising your freedom and to be content with government being in control of the most basic aspects of your existence; well, you are no longer free.

Those of you who need me to spell it out for you any more plainly; those who don't understand what your choice is in this next election; those of you not understanding what you are choosing in this next election; your lack of understanding is an atrocity. Stagger-step obliviously through your zombie existence. Do not pass the polling place. Do not vote.

In 100 Days will it be a new "Morning in America" or it will be The Twilight and the End of America as we go from Bad to Worse and then not at all.

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