Sunday, June 5, 2011

"You Can't Go To 3rd Base Without A Good Reason"

Obama is attempting to create an unconstitutional No-Fly zone.

No, I am not behind the times. I am not talking about Libya, even though Obama is in violation of the War Powers Act, And that guy Qaddafi, who Obama said, "Must go" is still there. But no. There's another No-Fly zone the White House wants to enact.

It's Texas v. DOJ on the topic of enhanced searches at airports. The Texas state legislature is on the move this session, passing bills regarding parental notification, requiring voters to have picture identification and most recently an attempt to criminalize random pat-downs. If the pat down is conducted without a justifiable cause (read: illegal search) the TSA agent could face a fine or go to jail.

These type of groping, probing searches would still be permitted but probable cause would need to exist. That means old ladies and Iraqi war vets would typically be exempt but the sweaty, nervous guy with a one way ticket to Dulles who has trouble answering some basic questions about who he is, where he lives and whether he's staying in a hotel or with friends after he lands -- he is going to have to step out of line and behind the privacy curtain.

The thuggish DOJ (Eric Holder) and TSA are trying to block passage of this bill by threatening that Texas flights won't be permitted out of Texas air space . . . ironically putting the Lone Star state one step closer to the status of sovereign nationhood. You think the U.S. economy is bad now. Subtract Texas from the balance sheet and you will move the U.S. that much closer to the Thracian brink.

Texas State Legislator, David Simpson (R) was on Fox News this morning and has my vote for the quote of the week. "You Can't Go To 3rd Base Without A Good Reason."

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