Saturday, October 30, 2010

A Learning Process

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Closing Argument: RNC Chairman Michael Steele |
Republican National Committee Chairman Michael Steele is convinced that polls are underestimating GOP voter turnout and predicts surprise wins in blue states.

Being a post-Bush / post-DeLay Republican doesn't come naturally to many of these lifelong Republicans but some of them are starting to "get it".
As embarrassing and counterproductive as he as been to the party a year ago, I am encouraged by his words and actions as of late.

His job at this stage is not to be a prognosticator, one of those sideliners or Monday Morning Quarterbacks. That may be fine for Karl Rove but the RNC Chair is in the game. He is on the field of play. He needs to rally the other players and play to the emotions of the fans.

His prediction, regardless of accuracy, is precisely what is needed at exactly the right time.

Time to vote.
Time to change the score.
Time to take back the country.

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