Friday, September 10, 2010

Silence the Scoundrel of Searchlight

It's time to retire Harry Reid . . . Sharron Angle is in a tight race and even with $3.5M in campaign contributions only has 1/3rd of Harry Reid's money.

And he will spend as much of it as he feels is necessary to keep his career in politics going for another 6 years.
to Unseat the Democrat Senate Majority Leader.

And let's beat Russ Feingold at his own game. He pushed through campaign finance reform to protect his incumbency.
Let's help Ron Johnson unseat Feingold from the Senate with our grass roots support: to Send a Career Politician to the Unemployment Line

And finally, Marco Rubio is one of the brightest new lights of the conservative movement. Although the polls have him out in front, this is a 3 way race against a big government Democrat who will rubber stamp more of the Obama agenda (Meek), a lifelong professional politician clinging to his life in politics with a desperate party change (Crist) and Rubio. Three way races our tricky and I believe we need to ensure he is elected.
to Put the National Spotlight on the Future of America

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