Saturday, July 10, 2010

Theater of the Absurd

Dr. B. Hussein Obama, you know the one that has brilliantly advised us to take the pain pill rather than undergo the invasive, corrective surgery, he is taking time out of his busy schedule of award ceremonies and campaigning for his liberal friends, and is practicing medicine again. Now he has diagnosed a brand new psychological condition that none of us have heard about before. Laymen and his medical colleagues alike will be amazed to hear of his discovery. Don't look for it in the medical journals. It is that new.

Apparently the people of Israel suffer from MMNP, otherwise known as Muslim Middle Name Phobia. This is to blame for their suspicions about the current White House administration. Not State Department policies and statements. Not the Presidents own words or overt actions like all his bowing to Saudi princes or rude treatment of Benjamin Netanyahu during that first visit to the White House. No. MMNP is to blame for a mass hysteria which holds the entire nation of Israel in its grip.

Thank you, Doctor Hussein. Now let's get to work on the cure which I hear may only be two years away. I am thinking we may need a telethon to put an end to MMNP by 2012.

Then we can get to work on that other irrational mental condition that is even more widespread and predominant amongst many more people in the Middle East, RIWNBS - Radical Islamists With Nuclear Bombs Syndrome. Symptoms include running to a bomb shelter when an air-raid siren is heard and making a dartboard out of this picture.

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