Thursday, December 31, 2009

Words of the Year: 2009 edition

Every year there's a fluff piece about the words that need to be stricken from our vocabulary.

Here are mine for 2009, the words that need to go away, use of them should be ridiculed and shunned:

1. Stimulus - just like over 10% of the country at this time, it doesn't work
2. Summit - particularly if it's preceded by Health Care, Jobs, or worst of all . . . Beer
3. Choice (because this administration is removing the need to think about choices . . . soon we won't have any)
4. Hope - coming out of the mouth of any politician. see #3
5. Climate Change - in 2010 it needs to go back to what the psuedo-scientists had been calling it, Global Warming and then when they start talking about it we can laugh hysterically while saying, "you mean the global warming that is causing all the temperatures to be cooler?"
6. CZAR - not even Russians have them, but when they did it lead to a bloody revolution. I'm just saying.
7. Man Caused Disasters - like climate change this phrase needs to be stricken and we need to return to the word we all understand, namely "terrorism" and "acts of terror"
8. "Cash for . . . " - anything at this point. It's not really cash, per se, it is a line of credit from China. If we are going to have any more of these programs call them what they are, like "Chinese Credit for Clunkers."
9. Misquoted - in the age of the internet, YouTube, DVR, etc. it is nearly impossible to be misquoted unless it is intentional.
10. Taken Out of Context - likewise. I have all the context I need from multiple sources. Politicians need to stop practicing this most petty form of revisionist history. Everyone needs to own the words coming out of their face. And telling me that you "think what (talking bobble head in charge) meant to say was" is just another form of that phrase which needs to be retired as well.
11. Too Big To Fail - if you believe that is the case then the perfect remedy is to let it fail. What happens in that case is bankruptcy court and the continuation of the smaller functional entities

Words being ushered into the lexicon for 2010 and beyond:

1. Tea Party - as both verb and noun
2. Stagflation - I fear it will be coming back with a vengeance in 2010
3. Freedom - when used in conjuction with #4
4. Responsibility
5. Accountability
6. Socialism - don't be afraid to call a socialist or socialist policy by name
7. Chicago-Style Politics - not pizza, politics. see #6
8. Change - as in what really needs to happen in the Congressional Rolls, really

Here's a toast to 2010. May it be better than 2009

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Anonymous said...

hmm Obama should be on the banned mind body word spirit etc...