Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The Tank is Full of Empty

You’ve probably heard the phrase “the media is in the tank for Obama” and if that phrase makes it into a formal dictionary, next to the definition it will say “see Examples: Networks One-Sided News Coverage punctuated by all three networks airing specials profiling the president: NBC's "Inside the Obama White House", CBS programs "Barack Obama: An American Dad." and "Barack Obama: The American President." and ABC's "Questions for the President: Prescription for America" after broadcasting their evening news segment from inside the White House. Apparently the prescription for America is a Free Press-ectomy and a Propoganda Suppository.

But in their willingness to outdo the other two, becoming a free infomercial channel for Nationalized Health Care is not enough for ABC, because now they are refusing to air a commercial for C.P.R. (Conservatives for Patients Rights). CPR has been mounting a cogent argument against Nationalized Health Care. ABC seems so threatened by an open debate on the issue as if they are personally invested in Health Care becoming nationalized.

Their excuse is that they have a policy against running "advocacy" ads which is inconsistent, having run many before this, including bag-of-wind-power advocate, T Boone "Jousting Windmills" Pickens.

And perhaps ABC, as a corporation has something to gain if Health Care becomes a Socialist Government Program, but as a news organization they have now lost all their objectivity and therefore all of their legitimacy. They are now a propaganda machine for the Union of Obama Socialist Distopia.

I am watching an analytical debate right now about the economic validity and political realities of the health care plan on . . . you guessed it . . . FOX. Not a suprise that Obama has a poker like tell when it comes to his vitriole towards the one televised news network that dares to oppose him.

The death knell sounds for another member of the Fourth Estate. ABC News leads the way into the grave, becoming Always Broadcasting Communism: The Pravda of America network. Perhaps Disney (owner of ABC) is making so much money off of the Hannah Montana and Jonas Brothers franchises that they can afford to let ABC be a perennial loser. I wonder how well that works when the average family can't afford a trip to Mickey's kingdom.

My sense is they don't want to hear from the public. Searching their corporate site only yielded this email address under investor relations: TWDC.Corp.Communications@disney.com

I am guessing correspondence directly to ABC News will simply be deleted. I will post back here if I even get a form letter response when submitting comments/complaints to this site


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