Sunday, January 25, 2009

Presidential Failure = America's Success

I am already tired of hearing the faux gracious, PC-induced non-starter about how we conservatives hope Mr. Barrack Hussein Obama is a successful president. I for one will make it public that I do not wish him success because a) I only have to go back not one full presidential term to find a counterpoint to that argument -- all the liberals who were imposing obstacles, ill-will and outright hatred towards any policy, initiative or doctrine of the Bush administration even as far as it meant bringing about their wanton desire for failure in the Iraq war, which would serve the benefit of NO ONE except terrorists and rogue states and b) it wouldn't be the first time a presidency failed and our country and Democracy at large prevailed. Jimmy Carter is still tinkering with Middle East Peace and he's starting to resemble the Stephen Root character in Office Space, the guy who is obsessed with his red Swingline stapler all the while no longer employed by Initech, yet still showing up for work each day.

Here are some things I particularly hope Mr. Obama fails to do as president:
  1. Expanding the legality of baby killing into the 3rd, 4th and possibly 5th trimester of life. I believe Casey Anthony is hoping the NARAL agenda is put at the front of the line for executive rubber stamping before her trial comes to term so instead of an insanity defense she can claim she was having a late term abortion when she killed Caylee.
  2. Putting an end to our 1st Amendment right to Free Speech a la the Fairness Doctrine - at this post the president has already made his feelings public that you are not in his political favor if you listen to Rush Limbaugh. A slippery slope indeed, mein freunds. Who else am I not allowed to read, hear or watch, Mr. President? What's that?! Reruns of The Smurfs is on the Obama approved list at the Library of Congress? That's cool because I can't locate a transcript of a speech our new president made 15 weeks ago about lobbyists in his administration. The card catalog says, "Permanently checked out to Incinerator"
  3. Circumvent our nearly perfect political system of checks and balances with judicial appointments, unchallenged and ill-conceived Executive Orders and the same style of corrupt ChicaGomorrah "machine politics" that should have been investigated, condemned and dismantled sixty years ago which, in so doing, might have effectively aborted his political career as well.
  4. Undermining our nation's intelligence and military organizations that have kept U.S. citizens within our borders safe from another terrorist attack these past 7 years. His Gitmo policy is a foreshadowing of what to expect.
  5. Giving tax rebates to non-tax payers.

I need the economy to succeed as much as any of us do but not at my own personal expense. If it can't succeed without resulting in our nation compounding the error of already enormous international debt in the face of a trade deficit and /or an astronomical tax burden on me, my children, their unborn progeny and the rest of the endangered species known as the middle class; if it can't "succeed" without bringing about an end to free markets then it hasn't succeeded.

And let's be clear that a check in the mail from the U.S. Treasury Department, particularly to a person who doesn't PAY taxes in the first place is NOT a "tax cut". And the reason this is a bad idea is the same reason it's a bad idea to give indigent panhandlers money at the freeway off ramp. Aside from stopping traffic, it won't change their situation and they are likely to spend it on something frivolous. To really stimulate an economic recovery we need to put gas in the tank of that enormous engine, the U.S. Economy. We need businesses, small to large, sole proprietorships to the largest corporations to have the fuel they need to work and grow. The Federal government can deliver that in the form of real tax cuts, an action requiring far less legislation to create, far less oversight to ensure proper handling and an almost immediate and direct impact in the places it is most needed.

Funding for a Museum of Organized Crime in Las Vegas is not going to help any of us except if you work for a company that makes life size wax figures of Al Capone and Meyer Lansky. And before you have anyone tell you this isn't part of the current stimulus package keep in mind that the arbiter of that monstrous boondoggle, BHO said this, "In a package of this magnitude, will there end up being certain projects that potentially don't meet that criteria of helping on health care, energy, or education? Certainly."

If this last point resonates with you then

- Go here to look up your U.S. Congressman's web page where you can easily send an email telling him or her you don't support this stimulus package in it's current form:

- Go here to look up both of your U.S. Senators to do the same:

Writing the President would be a waste of time. His most recent displays of arrogance and petulance tells me he's not listening to the American public.

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