Saturday, November 8, 2008

Candidates The American People Deserve

So the euphoria didn't last long at all. The ultra-libs and their flock of lobotomized sheep got what they think they wanted but apparently are suffering some sort of post-election buyer's remorse. Maybe it's just the habit of being on the attack for so long. They're in disbelief and thus still being ratcheted up, they are in need of a new target for annihilation. But wait, who's left to vilify? They have the White House, Congress and many federal judgeships will be falling right in line with new appointees as well. So who's left?
When at a loss for someone new all are led by the media back to yesterday's news; they just go back to beat some more on the same punching bags.

And of course the media can only stop talking about how Sarah Palin lost the election for John McCain long enough to speculate momentarily about the pedigree and breed of the White House mutt.

I said all the way at the bottom of this blog and long before then during the Primaries that J. McC was not my man. He's a career politician fraught with non-conservative views and a history of making compromises. As such he appeared to be a middle-of-the-road Republican and BOsama was allowed by the media to spin and co-opt his way to that same piece of idealogical real estate thus enabling the shinier and more turgid product to captivate the casual voters' attention. A transcript of the 2nd debate with the names of the respondents blacked out would leave many of us challenged to connect the right candidate to their statements. Only one may have been telling the truth but both sounded the same and again, the casual voter more interested in the duplicity and power politics of Wisteria Lane wouldn't bother ferreting out the truth from the spin before election day.

J McC had all but lost in the Republican Primaries, running on fumes. Somehow though he was left as the last GOP man standing -- perhaps only to be the fall guy for his party.
By the time the general election campaign was in full swing he was already fading fast, failing to catch a page 2 headline while the media was feeling tingly sensations, lining up early for "concert tickets" and allowing their girlish infatuations to overpower their reason and responsibility. (Did you say "Fairness Doctrine?!?"- Apparently there's a 90/10 clause in there somewhere.)

John was not doing a lot of simple little things to even tread water, let alone keeping the enemies of Democracy from treading on him. He would have had to have dropped out of the race as the Republican nominee before October if it hadn't been for Sarah Palin. Speculate as you will about the appropriateness of the individual but the point was made, the Republican's campaign was in dire need of a sincere conservative. And you can't argue with the data. The money and polls shot up considerably in the ensuing days of the VP announcement because conservatives like me had reasons to believe and to fight. There was finally a name on the ticket that represented conservative values.

But there are other names. I want those names made public; the names of the handlers and spin doctors who were sabotaging Sarah before the campaign was even over - purportedly out of self-preservation for their own insignificant quasi-political careers but then possibly and equally as likely in conspiracy against Sarah Palin. To start with, if Nicole Wallace (no, not the serial killer character on L&O: Criminal Intent but how ironic for possessing a similar lack of morality) gets a job on one of the network TV panels of bobble head pundits she needs to be branded and barred from working on the campaign of any true conservative for the rest of her insignificant life. In the fading days of an election year the pundits themselves are often short lived because the media eats their own dead and the public's appetite for political discussion in this country is all too evidently anorexic. So her new chosen career is justice in itself. I accuse Nicole Wallace with a degree of certainty because many believe she was the anonymous source or at least one of them and her post-election comments appear as sincere as the victor's promise of bi-partisanship with his selection of Rahmbo as his Chief of Staff.

In this way I want conservatives to hold all of these spin doctors accountable. Like Senators talking about deadlines for wars to end and timetables for troop withdrawals, these campaign professionals have given aide and comfort to the enemy.

J McC lost the presidential election before the primaries even ended. He would have no chance against Hillary. When the game changed to B.O. there were some clear opportunities (Pt. III, page 209) but he failed to capitalize on any of them. Apparently winning the election wasn't important enough for him to put everything on the line.

Sarah Palin didn't damage McCain's career - a retired Senator-on-active-duty writing a final chapter or perhaps an epilogue to his own story. My concern is conversely that McCain's campaign weasels, in launching Palin's national career have subsequently taken steps to damage her future prospects.

Ann Coulter writes, "Like Sarah Connor in The Terminator, Sarah Palin is destined to give birth to a new movement. That's why the Democrats are trying to kill her" many of us hope that like in the movie she outlasts the machine. I am at least pleased to see her firing back and staying in the mix - Palin Denounces Anonymous critics as 'cowardly'

I have to believe that there are enough of them out there who hear the call to public service and answer it like she has. The challenge is greater than ever. She's a text book example of what our national candidates have to endure just to be on the ballot. And hers was only a two month campaign.
True Americans need to be more respectful of this challenge because other than megalomaniacs with Daddy and abandonment issues, questionable citizenship and even more questionable campaign contributions, who in their right mind but the most courageous and patriotic will stand in the line of white-hot media fire while so-called compatriots crouch in the shadows of stage left holding daggers to their backs? Et tu, Wallace?

. . . I must go now to get ready for church. After all, in times of distress we simple minded conservatives tend to cling to our Bibles and our guns. From my observation in times of rare victory it appears that the Libs cling to their characteristic personal attacks and their traditional criticism of modern Democracy. In this case the CHANGE is just more of the same.

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