Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Stuck the Landing

Wow. She nailed it. And the one thing never mentioned by all the pundits was that she followed two tough acts this Wednesday night. The always engaging Huckabee and the acerbic wit of Giuliani . . . Biden's probably thankful he isn't Obama who must look like a big-eared piece of swiss cheese right now as many times as he got knifed tonight. I didn't think there was any place to stick another blade but she found a few more places to sink the dagger. The media's analysis was a little like Monday mornings back in grade school. We'd all stand around mimicking our favorite lines from an Eddie Murphy Saturday Night Live skit in much the same way a typically cynical and overwrought media was giddily comparing notes on their favorite Palin barbs about Obama.

Overheard halfway through Palin's speech"If even half that's true about the taxes why would anyone in this country vote for Obama?"
"I'm voting for McCain because she's hot."
Blogged this evening from the far left side of the internet, "it's time to get an Obama sign for the yard."

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